Our team of translators allows us to cover a wide range of language combinations:

National languages: Spanish, Catalan, Galician, Basque.
Romance languages: French, Portuguese, Italian, Romanian, etc.
Germanic languages: English, German, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish.
Slavic languages: Russian, Ukrainian, Czech, Polish, Slovak, Slovene, etc.
Other languages: Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, etc.

All the translators forming part or our team are native professional translators (with a degree in Translation and Interpreting), as well as specialist linguists.

> Liaison interpreting: most frequently used method in interviews, press conferences, negotiations, legal declarations, etc., where the interpreter translates as the dialogue progresses in both directions of the language combination.
> Consecutive interpreting: used in conferences, speeches, etc., where the interpreter takes notes during the speaker’s presentation to reproduce it at the end in another language.
> Simultaneous interpreting: for events requiring simultaneous interpretation of dialogue. This method is generally done from a booth and in teams of two interpreters.
> Whisper interpretation: for situations where an interpreter is required, they sit next to the person and whisper the translation to them.