Lextrad was founded by Marina Lanckmans, who holds a degree in Translation from the Institut Supérieur de Traducteurs et Interprètes (I.S.T.I.) in Brussels, her home town. Coming from a Belgian-Catalan family, she has always experienced linguistic diversity.

With over 10 years experience as a freelance translator, in 2007 she decided to set up her own translation company with offices in Tortosa, the capital city of the Baix Ebre region.

Regarding the working process, Lextrad follows the recommendations established by the UNE-EN 15038 standard for Quality Translation Services, which are:

> Analysis of the document to be translated.
> Examination of any documentation provided by the client to achieve maximum consistency in terminology.
> Assignment of the project to a professional translator from our team, of several translators in the event of large projects. This assignment is done depending on the specialist subject matter of the document, as our team includes translators specialising in different fields (legal, technical, economic and financial, medical, etc.).
> Revision of the terminology to achieve maximum coherence.
> Final revision of the translation to guarantee maximum quality of language and style.
> Delivery, within the deadline previously agreed with the client, of an identical document to the original regarding the layout and contents, and in which the sense of the original document has been reproduced but in another language.

Finally, Lextrad guarantees maximum security and confidentiality of the documents to be translated.