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Why NLS by Lextrad Group?

Lextrad Group has developed the NLS (Nimble Language System) with which we create a platform built into your work environment allowing you to optimise cross-language results.

We offer you know-how that achieves an optimal combination of artificial intelligence (AI), neural and statistical systems, machine learning (ML), optimised data training processes and expert control; in short: our NLS Platform and a team at your service. We form part of your strategic advantage.

Using the combination of the most advanced technology and human talent we offer you the possibility to obtain high quality “in-domain” results, even for the most demanding sectors.> NLS is the specialised solution that allows the rigorous translation and the reliable sense of your words to approach strategic sectors with the terminological precision they require.

Our technological development teams and expert control of results allow your communications to be feasible to any market in any language.

We facilitate the alignment of your competitive advantage in any language. We connect business. We approach business. We align business. We communicate business…

Thanks to our expertise, combined with optimised data-training processes, we create specialised translation memories, the use of which will give you a great advantage in strategic sectors.

Examples of these sectors are: e-commerce, industrial, aeronautical, multimedia, automobile, banking, IT/software and social media, among many others.